Anubis the Egyptian God
Being the guardian of the underworld, Anpu gave the Egyptian society the sense that afterlife could be achieved.  Egyptians did ritual after ritual to ensure that the deceased would live on even after their death in the world.  Anpu was one of the observers in the weighing of the heart to see if the heart of the person is good enough to live an eternal life, and if not, it would be destroyed forever.  Afterlife was what the emperors of Egypt also wanted to achieve and that is one of the most notable affects of Anpu on Egyptian society today.  To achieve afterlife, the Egyptians had to go through trials and processes of their own in which they believed would satisfy Anpu.  The processes to achieve afterlife greatly displays the honor that the Egyptians have toward Anpu due to the fact that they wear a jackals head along with having wild dogs protect tombs as they are said to guide the souls of the deceased to an afterlife.  The process of embalming and mummification also displayed the Egyptians honor towards Anpu because he was the god of the underworld and took part in many processes leading to decomposing of the body. Anpu is indeed a great aspect of the Egyptian society primarily because he could lead them to an afterlife.  Egyptian society craved to have life after death and in doing so Anpu had impacted the Egyptian society with the belief that they too are able to achieve life after death.