Anubis the Egyptian God
 Mummification is one of the biggest parts that define how much Anpu meant to the Egyptian society in the past. Egyptians would try to make the dead smell better by putting great smelling herbs and plants along side the dead, so that Anpu would sniff out the scent and believe that the deceased person had not sinned so that they could move on to heaven.  Egyptians also tried to be as peaceful as possible so that they would cause no sin because of the fact that Anpu would weigh their hearts and if their heart were full of sin, most likely the person would go to the underworld and have a horrendous afterlife. Egyptians deeply believed in afterlife and that they could go on to a better place after their death if they were to have a life full of no sin.  Mummification also led to the Egyptians protecting the deceased because they believed that the bodies needed to be preserved for the afterlife. Anpu had taught Egyptian society how to care for a deceased person and how to honor the dead.