Anubis the Egyptian God


Anubis is actually the Greek name for the Egyptian guardian of the underworld, but the ancient Egyptians refer to this god as Anpu (or Inpu). Anpu is one of the most iconic gods from Egypt. Anpu is said to have the body of a human, but the head of a jackal or a dog. He is known as the guardian and the protector of the dead specifically for his part in the embalming process and funerals. When people think of Egypt they think of mummies, but what they do not realize is why those people are mummified. They are mummified due to Anpu’s impact on Egyptian society. Their beliefs in Anpu regarding mummification is shown in modern day.  Anpu is not just an image for Egyptians to show their honor to, but also to establish honor to those who are entering a new world. The Egyptians have embalmed Anpu into their society for generations by displaying their honor and ambition towards the afterlife.